5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Your Dentist Regularly

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It is a common misconception that a dental visit is only necessary when in pain, or when a tooth is chipped or broken. However, you should not wait until such problems emerge. A visit to the dentist has a lot of benefits than you might know. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit your dentist regularly:

Help Maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums

Our dentists at PapeFinch Dental recommend our patients to visit the dentist every 6 months or more frequent, depending on your oral health needs. There are areas in your teeth that regular brushing and flossing alone would not be able to reach. Regular cleaning provided by our dental hygienists make sure that these areas are taken care of. Keep in mind that preventive dental care is essential to keep our teeth and gums healthy. As the saying goes – prevention is always better than cure!

Early Detection of Cavities 

A cavity or tooth decay is one of the most common cause of toothaches. Cavities can be detected by dentists by visually examining your teeth, using dental instrument to look for soft spots, or using X-rays to check the areas in between your teeth. Once diagnosed, the cavity should be treated immediately to stop it from progressing. Untreated cavities may lead to variety of complications such as chronic pain and infection.

Detection of Other Dental-Related Problems

How often do you get your jaw joints, neck, and lymph nodes checked? There are some TMJ (tempomandibular joint) disorders and swollen lymph nodes that are often ignored or go unnoticed. Dentists examine these areas to diagnose any disorders or abnormalities. What’s better than getting these areas and including your teeth checked all in one visit?  

Steer Clear from Bad Habits

There are several bad habits that are developed and caused by different factors such as stress and one’s lifestyle. These habits can cause serious problems to our oral health. Common habits include smoking, grinding of teeth, clenching, onychophagia or nail biting, and smoking. Some of us may not even be aware of having these habits. Visiting the dentist regularly will keep you in check on how to keep them to a minimum perhaps even break such habits permanently.

Help Maintain Overall Health

Your oral health is a window to your overall health. Prevent bacteria from entering your body and reduce the risk of serious diseases by keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. Protect your overall health by practicing good oral health and visiting the dentist regularly.

Regular dental check up does indeed offer great benefits that you should take advantage of. Book your appointment today and receive the essential and optimal care your teeth deserves!

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